Johnny Munkhammar (1974-2012) was a Swedish free-market writer and politician. With a background in various business organisations, he was a successful author of several books, most notably European Dawn – After the Social Model (Timbro and The Stockholm Network 2005) and The Guide to Reform (Timbro and Institute of Economic Affairs 2007). Munkhammar was also an internationally renowned speaker and adviser. From 2010 to 2012 he was a Member of Parliament (The Riksdag) for the Moderate party.

The Johnny Munkhammar Memorial Fund was founded by the Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation with the aim of honouring Johnny Munkhammar’s memory. Each year, a prize is awarded to the young person who during the year has worked best in the spirit of Johnny Munkhammar in the Swedish debate. This spirit is defined as ”free people in a free society with a free economy”. The slogan that Johnny Munkhammar used in his successful 2010 campaign for a seat in the Swedish Parliament, Freedom, Change, Entrepreneurship, is guiding.

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